AV Maintenance - FAQ

We have attempted to answer below the most common questions we are asked in relation to AV maintenance, however please do contact us should you require any additional information – we never use high rate call lines, and will always deal with you in a professional and diligent manner.

We have an old AV system and we’re not sure it’s worth having an AV maintenance contract?

Sometimes this will be the case, but more often than not we see badly installed systems that, with minimal attention, can be improved substantially and provide many years service – we would always fully assess your system before undertaking a maintenance contract, and provide a no obligation quotation

How much will an audio visual maintenance contract cost?

This will depend on various factors such as the type of equipment, age, condition of the installation and services required. However, AvexiA provide options for all budgets, and will provide bespoke solutions that are tuned specifically to your requirements. Contact us now for more information!

How quickly will an engineer attend site?

Our contracts typically offer maximum response times between: ‘immediate’ (on-site full time), 4 hours, 8 hours, 16 hours and 24 hours. However, we can provide bespoke response times as required.

How long will my AV maintenance contract last?

Typically, our maintenance contracts are for one, two or three years. However, we will consider contracts for other lengths of time.

How long will it take to set-up the AV maintenance contract?

If AvexiA designed and installed the system, we can set-up a contract immediately, however if we are invited to view an existing installation by others, we will always fully test and evaluate your AV facilities before undertaking maintenance cover (this ensures that we understand the system and can advise you of any fundamental issues that may impact system reliability). Therefore, two or three days should be allowed for this process to take place.

Does AvexiA look after ‘any’ audio visual systems?

We will consider any AV system, and have the technical ability to look after anything from; advanced simulation and visualization systems through to standard AV facilities. However, we only undertake a maintenance contract once we have technically assessed the system – We will never promise you the impossible!

Is the cost for replacement parts included?

Most of our maintenance contracts include parts up to a certain value, and some cover ‘all’ parts or even ‘all’ equipment. However, we can tailor the contract to best provide the actual cover you require.

How long will it take to have items repaired?

Unlike many AV companies, we have the ‘internal’ ability to undertake component level repairs for specific items. In addition, we have direct relationships with the leading manufacturers and distributors, thus ensuring you the fastest return possible.

Will you provide a loan item?

This can be included within our maintenance contracts. However, depending on the complexity of the installation, the loan item may not provide exactly the same functionality.

Do we have to pay for engineers to visit our site?

No, AvexiA can provide contracts that provide unlimited call-outs without any charge.

Are there any other benefits to having an AV maintenance agreement in place with AvexiA?

We offer a professional, highly proficient, value for money service with integrity. However, we also provide additional ‘out of contract’ benefits such as lower labour rates for ‘under contract’ clients.

AvexiA will be pleased to provide you with a no obligation proposal for your AV maintenance – Contact us Today!

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