Technical Furniture

We use the term ‚ÄėTechnical Furniture‚Äô simply because in our experience many media furniture solutions do not offer adequate provision for the integration of the¬†vast array of¬†technical components used in today‚Äôs world and certainly not within an audiovisual collaboration environment such as a Boardroom, well provisioned Meeting Room etc.

Therefore, we work with the leading furniture designers, makers and suppliers to provide technical furniture systems that not only looks the part, but also provides good management for; power, cabling, thermal management, cable containment and future technical interfacing.

We are also able to retrospectively add much improved cable management to existing tables. This improves reliability, makes the system easier to use and provides a far more professional facility.

Design with Functionality

Having worked extensively with one of the leading media furniture design companies in the UK; Luke Hughes and Company, AvexiA are pleased to be able to recommend their products and design solutions. Luke Hughes and Company have kindly supplied some images for this site that detail their technical furniture.


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