Video Conferencing - The Benefits

The economic and environmental reasons for adopting video conferencing technology have never been greater. With the erosion of bandwidth costs, the ability of IP networks to facilitate higher bandwidth, reduced hardware prices, environmental pressures and the need for ever greater efficiency, makes the case a very compelling one.

The Business Case for Video Conferencing

Primary Benefits

  • Huge reduction in travel time and cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Leverage the maximum benefit of key employees or external labour resources.

Secondary Benefits

  • Faster decision process
  • The immediacy of video conferencing means people can communicate more easliy and often
  • Less stress on employees thus improving morale and better work practice

Strategic Benefits

  • Get to market faster, before competitors
  • Crisis managements can be implemented more easily and wherever decision makers are located
  • Provide a better and more immediate response to customer requirements

The Environmental Case for Video Conferencing

  • Enormous savings can be made in CO2  carbon usage – often close to 100% opposed to travel.
  • Improve perceived corporate responsibility
  • Use Video conferencing to assist in reducing your emission savings targets

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