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The economic and environmental reasons for adopting video conferencing solutions have never been greater. Video conferencing has come a very long way from its inauspicious start some twenty years ago. With the constant erosion of bandwidth and equipment costs, it is now possible to use high definition videoconferencing systems, over IP networks, to provide crystal clear images and hi-fidelity sound with very little capital outlay and minimal running costs.

Telepresence is the big new advance in videoconferencing, and its aim is to immerse groups of participants (not bound by geographical borders) into a true life-like experience, thus negating the need to travel. In doing so, enterprises that adopt this technology vastly improve their competitive edge over companies that continue to rely on travel and its associated costs and implications.

The skill in designing a quality videoconferencing or telepresence facility is in understanding its environment (lighting type, level, colour temperature, building materials, acoustics etc). AvexiA have the necessary expertise to be able to offer advice, and will work with your in-house facilities department, or chosen contractor, in ensuring the solution works to your best advantage.

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