Presentation Aids

Whilst our company is founded on its technical expertise and abilities, it is still the case that many installations also require a basic method of presentation and communication. Therefore, AvexiA has a strategic partnership with the leading manufacturer and supply and install the following products and solutions:

Glass Writing Board
These stylish glassboards convey a more modern image than conventional whiteboards but need to be used in the correct conditions since the contrast is less than a conventional whiteboard.

AvexiA can supply whiteboards in most sizes and bespoke projects can be undertaken, where complete walls need a whiteboard surface.
Standard boards are available in sizes from: 360mm x 260mm to: 4,010mm x 1,210mm.

Many offices have glass surfaces and/or room partitions etc. Therefore fitting presentation aids to a wall are not possible. To overcome this issue the WorkWall was developed. Essentially this is a mobile solution which allows you to take the presentation space to your audience, be that in an open area or meeting room etc.

Various styles are available and they can be purchased with different features (i.e. frames are available in wood or metal and the surfaces can differ on each side, be the same, flipcharts can be added to writing board surfaces etc).

Sizes available – From: 1,200 x 1,900 to: 2,400 x 1,900

Media Rail
Media rail is an excellent way to free-up floor space and use walls to great effect for presentations. Media rail allows many items to be suspended and these can glide around the room to be positioned in the ideal location for the seating layout.

Items that can be fitted to Media rail include: Flipcharts, Whiteboards, Interactive Boards, Electronic Copy Boards. Media rail can also be used to hang paper in a more professional manner than using sticky substances that can damage the wall surface.

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