Dynamic Digital Signage

Dynamic digital signage allows companies and organizations to display live content and information and change it dynamically as and when required. Changes can be fully automated, therefore different images can be displayed at varying times of the day to attract the attention of the intended audience.

Where multiple screens are needed, content design and distribution can be administered at one central location and changes can also be made ‘on the fly’. It is possible to provide some users with very limited control over the content (e.g. somebody at reception could be given permission to just put a welcome message up, ahead of the arrival of an important visitor, but they would be unable to change anything else, including important company branding etc).

It is possible to display different information on each screen. Therefore, where different content is desirable, it can be targeted specifically (e.g. a staff collection point such as a restaurant, may display corporate intranet information and live TV, whereas a reception screen would show welcome messages and information about the company etc).

More sophisticated solutions are also available whereby information can be pulled off live data bases to provide an ever evolving dynamic display.

Whatever your requirements, AvexiA can provide a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Training is provided, as are design layouts and content management, so from day one your digital signage screens will convey the professional image you would like and improve inter-company or company / client communication.

TV Distribution

It is very common that our clients like to have live TV displayed alongside digital signage content. This is perfectly possible to do either by distributing the signal via RF to each signage player or by streaming TV signals via multicast switching over the LAN.

TV distribution sometimes takes the form of an analogue solution whereby different TV channels are sent to individual screens (or grouped according to requirements). We can provide solutions that utilize an existing UTP network (to reduce installation costs and provide flexibility) and both on and off LAN methods adopted.

Once a TV distribution system has been installed, it’s possible to utilize this for other forms of communication.  Examples of this include: ‘broadcasting’ a videoconference output to company members, taking a live video feed from a lecture theatre for distribution to overspill areas etc, etc.

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