Advanced Collaboration Rooms

Advanced Collaboration Environments provide your company, or organisation, with the following benefits:

  • Remote teams can work in ‘real time’ on the same project.
  • Any content, irrespective of how detailed, can be shared in ‘real time’.
  • No travelling,¬†saving; time, money and assisting your environmental policies.
  • Decisions can be made faster and often more accurately.
  • All information can be recorded for future review and analysis.
  • Allow key customers or suppliers to participate, in ‘real time’ or ‘playback’.
  • Edited information can be condensed to form high quality presentations.

This method or working can be used as well as (alongside) or instead of conventional videoconferencing, HD videoconferencing or even Telepresence solutions.

Typical applications for high definition real time collaboration include the following:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Defence & Government
  • Surgical & Medical
  • Education
  • R & D

AvexiA’s audiovisual engineers have designed advanced collaboration rooms for just one or two participants onto a single screen, as well as augmenting this technology with multiple projectors for a fully immersive collaboration experience with screens measuring 9 metres wide.

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