Audio Systems

Audio is perhaps the most important communication medium since the majority of all information we retain is audible. Clear, high fidelity audio ensures that an audience can listen and understand without being affected by fatigue.

AvexiA engineers design solutions for all applications, including Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Boardrooms, VC Rooms, Auditoria and specialist Collaboration and Simulations facilities. We also work with specialist consultants and acousticians for the most demanding of applications where very specific knowledge is needed.

Various technologies are used to provide the ideal sound solution and these range from conventional integrated amplifiers (combining pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers into a single housing), to professional power amplifiers, mixer and DSP (Digital Sound Processing) and importantly, various types of loudspeaker technology such as NXT, Bass reflex etc.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This Act of Parliament details various legal responsibilities for some types of companies and organisations, to the extent that they must allow for assistance for the hard of hearing. There are various options available and the most common that AvexiA design, are conventional induction loops where a magnetic field is created and a conventional hearing aid can pick-up the audio information. Also, IR (Infra Red) solutions that provide better confidentiality and allow multiple systems to be operated in close proximity. This type of system is also used a great deal on Trading floors where audio ‘contamination’ is not desirable.

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