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Training Rooms generally have very specific requirements and our solution will be designed for your particular application. Our team have designed audiovisual Training Room systems for a variety of needs, including; PC/software training, medical (requiring high resolution images for radiology scans), behavioural training (including; cameras, recording and editing equipment) etc, etc.

It is increasingly common for training rooms to be equipped with interactive screen technology, allowing the tutor to make very specific ‘on the fly’ comments and save these for the participants for later distribution. Activity control software takes this one step further in allowing a tutor to take control and annotate on any of the room participants’ PCs and show this to the attendees.

Training room presentation aids are often non technical, or of a basic nature, and therefore we also supply and install; Whiteboards, Flipcharts, Copyboards (electronic Whiteboards), Work walls, Media Rail etc.

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