Open & Reception Area - Audio Visual Solutions

Open and Reception areas are often your first opportunity to impress clients or impart information to people inside or outside your Company or organization.

Individual client ‘needs’ clearly differ greatly. However, AvexiA are able to offer innovative and stunning solutions that range from; simple flat screen plasma or LCD displays that may be used for live off air TV and/or digital signage, through to; auto stereoscopic 3D screens (no requirement to wear special polarizing glasses) that really will ‘wow’ your clients with images seemingly coming out of the screen to touch them, or for larger atrium areas; LED displays and holographic systems.

AvexiA have considerable experience in distributing images to multiple screens throughout a building or group of buildings (often used by financial traders on Trading Floors etc), with different information being displayed in each area. Our solutions can cater for standard analogue signals or the most advanced high definition (HD) digital images for applications that demand the very best in performance and future proofing.

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