Video Conferencing - The Costs

How much does video conferencing cost? The answer is substantially less than you may think. The price of hardware has decreased significantly, bandwidth costs (usage) have reduced, whilst at the same time, quality has massively improved. Couple this with the ever increasing cost of travel, not to mention the environmental impact, and the financial case for adopting video conferencing technology is crystal clear.

Our Video Conference Overview explains the main video conference variants that are available today. We detail below a summary of the approximate cost of this equipment.

When calculating VC costs, the capital expenditure and the system running costs will be off-set by the, potentially significant, savings that can be made in travel costs, and time (i.e. productivity increases). AvexiA can provide you with a tailored valuation of your potential savings.

AvexiA also provide very attractive lease packages that present many advantages over cash purchases. Our video conference managed services can also be augmented into tax efficient monthly lease payments.

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